What models are available?

The two models I craft are Plain and Nice and they are made upon order. Plain is exactly as it sounds, a plain 1 cm wide camera strap, whereas Nice is also 1 cm wide but it also has a shoulder pad added to it. Both are made in lovely leather from Tärnsjö Leather in Sweden. No brand name or logo on the straps, just clean and discrete camera straps.


All models are made of vegetable tanned cow leather. They can be made in antique brown or black. The black leather is greased at Tärnsjö Leather and has a tougher feel to it. The antique brown leather is softer and will be oiled by me before delivery to protect it from tear and wear.

How long are the camera straps?

Plain and Nice can both be made in 90 cm(~35"), 100 cm(~39"), 110 cm(~43"), 120 cm(~47") and 130 cm(~51") depending on your camera and how you like to wear it. I can also make them in other lengths if you prefer that. Send me an e-mail and I’ll see what I can do. The straps are not adjustable in length.

Which cameras do they fit?

The camera straps works best with cameras using split ring mounts. Check the pictures under 'Products' and you’ll see how they look. If you are uncertain, just send me an e-mail with information about your camera model, and I’ll let you know if it fits or not.

Is every camera strap exactly as on the pictures?

Every camera strap is handmade on order and may differ slightly from what’s seen on the pictures. Any major differences should though not be expected.

What is the delivery time?

Usually I’ll make the camera straps within 2-3 days after receiving the order and ship them directly. But it might sometimes take up to one week before they are made, but that's when I'm away or so. I’ll take care of every order as quickly as I can and I’ll keep you updated on the process through e-mail.

How about shipment?

The camera straps are shipped with the Swedish postal service, PostNord. Delivery time depends on where you live. Normal delivery times to Sweden is 1-2 days, Nordic Countries usually 2-3 days, Europe 3-4 days and USA 4-6 days. Worldwide shipping with Priority Mail is included in the price. You can get traceable packages by selecting Registered Mail during checkout for an extra cost.

How do I pay?

Easiest way is to order through my store, where you can pay by Credit Card, PayPal or Klarna. If you prefer to pay using the Swedish payment system Swish or by Bank transfer, just send me an e-mail.

Who is making the leather straps?

That’s me. Lars Daniel Gustavsson. Read more under the ‘About’-section.

What about warranty?

I use high-quality leather from Tärnsjö Leather in Sweden and make the camera straps as good as I can, but they are hand made camera straps and can dry and break if you´re not taking care of them after a few years. Leather needs to be taken care of. Be gentle and if it gets dry, get some leather oil and grease it a bit. Care Advice is included in the package. If something else happens, contact me, and I’ll try to repair it in one way or another.

What do I do if I have more questions?

Check the Contact page where you find adress, e-mail, phone and other ways to get in touch.

Payment options

VISA, AMEX, Discover, MasterCard, PayPal, Klarna

The company is a small operation based in Falun, Sweden where every item is designed and crafted by me, Lars Daniel Gustavsson. All items are crafted from high quality vegetable tanned leather from Tärnsjö Leather in Sweden. Vegetable tanning uses natural tannins in the process, a method that is as environmentally friendly as possible. I only use high quality tooling sides, ~2,5mm thick beautiful leather often used for horse saddlery, to produce my camera straps.

My philosophy is to craft camera straps that should be used and not just be nice to look at. In my opinion, the more the straps are used the more beautiful they will look. My camera straps are made in specific lengths, so that everyone can get exactly the camera strap they prefer. The camera straps are in a timeless design inspired by Leica straps made in the 1960s. All items are produced, packed and shipped by me and therefore I can be sure that every item sold is of highest quality.

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